Resizing, Reshaping & Polishing Wire Dies


No matter how well any wire die is produced, it will eventually need to be re-polished and/or resized. Indiana Wire Die evaluates every die and its surface before any re-cutting or re-polishing is started. Many times polishing is all that is needed. However, when the surface is beyond polishing, re-cutting is performed with the same equipment and technology used to produce new wire dies.


At Indiana Wire Die, re-cutting is reshaping—not just increasing the bearing size which increases the bearing length. Every die that requires re-cutting is totally reshaped to assure maximum performance. Every die has to pass our rigid inspection process before we return it to you.

A long bearing or a wire die that is not reshaped, increases wear on your equipment and increases the wear of the die. Try IWD for your next re-cutting job and you will enjoy longer life from your wire dies.