Indiana Wire Die Company

We have been serving the global wire industry since 1935. Our many years in business serve as testimony of our company's philosophy. This dedication to be the best continues today! We invite you to try our products and services. We would love to add you to the growing family of satisfied Indiana Wire Die customers.

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Wire Die Services

Indiana Wire Die can handle all of your wire production needs. With over 70 years in the wire die business, Indiana Wire Die knows how to service the wire industry. Our success begins with a staff of dedicated employees who take pride in their work. We continue to be a leader in technology with ongoing research and development of our materials and manufacturing operations.

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Wire Die Products

Indiana Wire Die is known for our superior products. Each and every die is handcrafted assuring consistency die after die. Our dedicated and experienced operators take great pride in their workmanship. It is our team of employees and their dedication to serve you that make the difference in IWD dies.

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